The little things one person does truly can make a big difference. Being environmentally conscious in a mass-produced society can be overwhelming, but you have the power to make the world a better place!

The products on this website are zero waste and homemade. They are tried and true and designed for you to quickly achieve a transition to this lifestyle. Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, they will help you live healthier and reduce your carbon footprint.

The blog on this website is about my gradual journey to a reduced-waste and simplified lifestyle. There are varying degrees of minimalism and zero waste. We all strive to make life easier but no one wants to live without the things they love. I’ll share ways to make this lifestyle attainable without having to step too far out of your comfort zone.

The directory on this website contains resources to help you make the most of the things you no longer need through selling, recycling, or donating. By taking the time to distribute this stuff to the right place, you’re keeping it out of the landfill, giving it new life, and maybe making some money in the process.

Living lightly means that you’re making a conscious decision to simplify your life so your legacy won’t be defined by what you leave in a landfill.



One of my favorite things to do when I was young was clean out my room. I was a pro at paring down my possessions to the bare minimum. Later in life, I was thrilled to discover what a minimalist was and that there are others out there like me.

My minimalist nature came in handy in my adult years as my husband and I lived in our small starter house with two growing children for 15 years without a garage or attic. I had to get creative to combat clutter. Now after moving to a larger house, I strive to be minimal because of the many benefits.

I became interested in the zero-waste movement after reading how a California family lives waste free. I’ve worked for several years to reduce my family of four’s landfill waste so we only set a couple of bags at the curb each month. I enjoy creating alternatives to store-bought products to achieve this lifestyle and developed a line of zero-waste products in 2017 to sell at my local Farmer’s Market and online.

Professionally, I have worked as an editor for a book publishing company and government agency, helping people organize their writing, and have a master’s degree in mass media communications.

I live in a small town where being green and recycling can be a challenge. I have a long way to go to achieve the clutter and waste-free life of others that inspire me, but I appreciate the lifestyle and am working toward it. My hope is to provide inspiration to help reduce your carbon footprint and keep your life simplified.

If you are in the West Kentucky area and would like to buy my zero-waste products, please contact me at minimalshelley@gmail.com.